End of Chapter 3
Posted June 27, 2022 at 12:10 am

Huge thanks to my patron Kier for helping me with the Spanish on this! I *almost* got it right, using the four years of Spanish I took when I was a teen that now resides under a heap of the past 24 years of non-Spanish stuff.

I'm a little slow finishing today's Chapter 12 update on Patreon (it takes place in a convenience store full of canned goods, lord help me), so that update will probably go up later Monday.

We're working on a landing page for this site with links to the very beginning, chapter archive, and beginning of the most recent chapter, so that the first page you see doesn't have to be the very last page of each chapter (which, in this book, could lead to spoilers). The buttons will be cute, and animated because I'm a try-hard.

See ya next week for my favorite character, Miranda. <3

Tags: berto, meighan

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