End of Chapter 9
Posted August 7, 2022 at 10:00 pm

Man if this ain't relatable. (Sorry if this struck a cord, fellow self-employed people.)

A kind reader (THANK YOU STEPHEN) made me aware of a hiccup in the last chapter; one page wasn't linked to, so if you read last week's chapter with Miranda, you probably missed this page, sorry about that!

The hiccup was my own; comics are arranged in order according to WHAT TIME the post went up, so I have to be very careful to schedule each post for a time AFTER the previous post was scheduled for (which I effed up last week). So I've been scheduling, for example, page 1 at 10:00:01, page 2 at 10:00:02, and so on.

I wanted them each to be a second apart so that they'd all go up in under a minute on Sunday nights at 10:00 pm, in part because I have an RSS feed here and I thought it'd be kinda nice for RSS followers to see 15-30 pages of a chapter pop up virtually all at once! But I don't use RSS, so I have no idea if it's a cool idea or totally useless. 

(If you use RSS this is your invitation to chime in!)

(Also chime in if you use the bookmarks below the comic! I've never used them before! WHAT DO THEY DOOOO how do they wooooork)

PS, should be three new pages of Chapter 12 up on my Patreon by Monday! Go look!

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