End of Chapter 8
Posted July 31, 2022 at 10:00 pm

I hope you're catching these occasional tiny animations... 

I've been posting all 31 pages of this chapter by candlelight, hotspotting data from my dying phone, using my dying laptop. The power has been out for a few hours now. So forgive me for not writing a nice long end-of-chapter summary down here. I'll keep this one short!

If you're a patron, the next couple of pages from Chapter 12 will be up sometime tomorrow (I hope?!); unfortunately those files are on my desktop and my battery backup inexplicably failed me when the power popped off today. Please pray to your tech gods that my computer's okay! You'll hear from me soon. :)

(It's kinda charming, though, ain't it.)

OH! AND!! I got comments to work. You can comment right here! Right now! By all means, comment, it feels like I've been working in a cave the last two years (thank you patrons for keeping me sane, you were in the cave with me so at least I wasn't alone in there).

If you wanna comment but can't think of anything to say, reassure me that the tiny animation in this post worked and then tell me if it made you feel like you were crazy for a moment because that would just make my day. 


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