End of Chapter 15
Posted July 16, 2023 at 10:00 pm

Meighan has a REALLY good sense of smell, she can't marry Sr. Pies-Repugnantes.

The next chapter will be Miranda's! If you're following along on Patreon, you know we're still nearing the end of her chapter right now, and I've got a few extra jobs keeping me from finishing it. So Chapter 16 will go up here a bit later than usual - probably late August or early September.

The one thing that hasn't really slowed down is the daily comics I'm sharing on Patreon! So if that interests you, you can sign up for $2/month or more to read them. Here's a giant button to tap on in case you're on your phone and you have big ol' fingies:

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By the way, if you're local to the Shepherdstown area(ish), I'll be at our local pop-up gallery, Evolve, next Friday, July 21 from 5-8 for our Studio Tour's summer show! Come say hi! I'll have a few pieces up for sale all weekend (they're Shepherdstown studies and a few yoga cat paintings!).

And if you're in the DC area, my only convention this year will be Small Press Expo (aka SPX) September 9-10, so mark your calendar for that! It's gonna be a gooood show, all the guests they keep announcing are excellent!

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