End of Chapter 11
Posted August 21, 2022 at 11:00 pm

Elephant Town's alternate title: Sigh Town.

Saturday was Luke's birthday so I'm a little behind on my work (if you're a patron of mine, you know why and you also know how to make a glitter bomb now), but the end of Chapter 12 will be up tomorrow on Patreon... and then here the following Monday... and then I'll be all caught up! So it'll be a month or two before Chapter 13 is complete and posted here.

I might tweak a few of these Chapter 11 pages tonight + tomorrow and repost them, but they should be subtle enough changes that it won't change the story any. I'm doing that dumb thing where you go through your old work and think "what if I spent like three hours redrawing THAT THING no one notices?" But it'll make ME happy and that also matters, in a very minimal way that's probably not worth three hours.

Anyway, looking forward to completing Chapter 12 tomorrow for Patreon patrons, and next Monday for those of you reading on this site! See ya then!

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