Posted June 11, 2022 at 4:15 pm

If you're reading this the day it was posted, you're either a patron, a really good friend, or both. Hi!!

I'm still finishing up the final pages for Chapter 1 - you may recall that they were originally a kinda clunky GIF on Patreon, posted back in May or June of 2020. I'm interpreting them into four separate pages, with a few additional panels. (There's still gonna be a little GIF action, just more subtle this time.)

The official launch for this website is this Monday, so the final pages will be up today or tomorrow. If you're following via RSS, first of all SORRY if all of these updates came in minute by minute and were super annoying! I'm not really familiar with RSS from a consumer end, so if you have a recommendation for an alternative way to upload 10-20 pages at a time (which is what will happen every time a new chapter goes up), I'm all ears.

Speaking of which, I just remembered that there should have been a comment section available below this body text! It may take awhile to set up, but we'll get it settled in soon. :)

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